Are you tired of living a life you don’t want and that no longer serves you?  
I’ll help by listening to what you desire to change in your life and 
guiding you to the path you need to take. That’s my job as your Coach. 

What people are saying...

"My wife and I were fortunate enough to get to spend some time with Greg and have him help us work through some issues, stemming from our inability to communicate meaningfully. It was helpful to learn how to step outside of what we were fighting over and look at each other and what we mean to each other instead of focusing on the problem. I highly appreciated the non-judgmental and logical approach, as well as how he managed to dissect the issues at hand and get to the root of the problems. By learning and using our core values, we are now better able to resolve disputes instead of allowing them to overtake us. We both feel that his approach helped us take more accountability in how we speak to each other, and how we view ourselves."
Tony & Nadia
"There is a collective movement towards oneness, non-dualism, and the authentic expression of our true selves. Greg is a voice in that movement, leading a dialogue to new frameworks and possibilities, choosing love and releasing fear."
Shari Derksen, MA
Registered Psychologist
"I have had the pleasure of working with Greg Million as my Personal Development Coach. He is really supportive, compassionate and helped me build goals that are obtainable ensuring I am successful to what I am trying to achieve. My experience with Greg has greatly impacted the way I think and the things I set out to accomplish daily has improved. I highly recommend Greg Million as a coach and will definitely go back to him again when I’m needing direction. Thank you Greg!!"
Amy S.