Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…

…actually, it fucking sucks. It can bring about feelings of deep sadness, shame, self doubt, distrust, anger, confusion, fear and hopelessness…

But…there is hope! Because there is opportunity that comes with breaking up.

So, what can break ups offer us?

💔 Well for starters they provide us with insight into the misalignment we experienced. We can get a much better understanding of our boundaries. Perhaps they were a little too rigid or maybe they were too porous or maybe they were just right. Breaking up offers us a chance to investigate them a little bit more to make sure they’re still serving us in a way that benefits who we are and what we want.

💔 Breaking up can also provide a space for us to heal some wounds that may have interfered in an unconscious way in our past relationships. Think of it as a place where you can heal these wounds and work through some unresolved trauma at your own pace and in your own time without the weight you may have felt being in the relationship.

💔 Breaking up can give us a sense of empowerment. We’re able to find a confidence that might not have been there otherwise. More self esteem from the decision we’ve made to take control of our lives and do what aligns with our values.

Ultimately, if we’re willing to get curious, the end of a relationship is a huge opportunity to understand ourselves better in so many ways. Each as unique as the individuals experiencing the break up. By identifying what worked for us in the relationship and what didn’t work for us, we can fine tune our wants, needs and desires as well as get more clarity around our core values and the foundation they offer us moving forward. And all of this gives us a greater sense of alignment with who we are and any potential new partners that come into our lives.

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