Every day, thousands of people are turning to a Certified Coach for the guidance and support they need to get curious about themselves and their beliefs, remove the excuses that have been holding them back so they can start living the kick-ass life they’ve always wanted with meaning and purpose. If you’re stuck in your relationship, dealing with burnout, depression, feeling insecurity or fear, then get ready to gain more clarity on what you want and be fully supported as you move forward on your incredible journey to living the life you desire!        

Whether you choose to explore on a session by session basis or through a package that best fits your needs, you’ll be blown away by how much momentum you can create in your life when you have a clear understanding of your goals and why they’re important to you! We will meet on the phone or via video call for your convenience and we stay in touch by email before and after each call.

There are several options available to fit your specific needs in areas related to relationships, personal development or empowerment in 
any situation you find challenging.

NOTE: For clients residing outside of Canada, all fees are in USD.

Individual sessions – $100/hr

Couples/Group or Individual In-person sessions – $150/hr
NOTE: In-person sessions are only available in Calgary, Alberta.

 6 Session package (Twice a month for 3 months)  
 $500 Individuals virtually
 $750 for Individual in-person, Couples or Groups virtually

8 Session package (Twice a month for 4 months)
$650 Individuals virtually
$975 Individual in-person, Couples or Groups virtually

10 session package (Twice a month for 5 months) 
$800 Individuals virtually
$1200 Individuals in-person, Couples or Groups virtually 

All packages include…

30 minute complimentary discovery session.
In depth look at your core values, emotional wellbeing and current life satisfaction.
Setting weekly achievable goals with accountability if you choose.
Ongoing progress reviews and check-ins throughout your journey.

Want more information? Ready to take action?

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