Greg Million
An Empowered Now Coach
Relationship, Sexuality and Emotional Empowerment Coaching

Greg Million

An Empowered Now Coach

Specializing in Non-Monogamy

I believe each relationship we create is as unique as the people creating it.

As a coach, I provide a safe space as you navigate through the challenges of your relationships.

Who am I and why should you trust me?

Frankly, you have no reason to trust me and I know that. Not yet. Not now. Trust is earned. The most effective way to earn the trust of others is by creating safe spaces for them in the most conscious, loving and authentic way possible. This is the foundation of the work I offer as a coach. My personal mission is to help others develop deeply their connections with themselves and discover their own distinct way of connecting with others, as I have come to realize that as the single most important human achievement.

I’m incredibly grateful for the amazing and loving experiences I’ve had in my 16+ years as a consensually non-monogamous person. Strange as it may sound, I’m equally as grateful for the incredibly challenging and uncomfortable experiences that felt overwhelming and insurmountable. I was often left feeling trapped and afraid – reeling in self-doubt, confusion, jealousy, fear and anxiety. The good news is I got through all of them! And so can you!

Like many of you, I’ve been on a lifelong journey of personal growth and self discovery in all areas of my life, including my relationships. I’m always looking for ways to improve my overall well-being, increase my level of understanding of how and why I make the choices I do and create meaningful connections in unique and autonomous ways that work best for me and those I care about.

My Core Values


Getting curious is fundamental to how I work and how I navigate through the world. Curiosity allows me to experiment and explore ways to design the most authentic life possible for myself and others.


The mindful practice of vulnerability as a strength has allowed for a greater understanding of myself and has fostered a deeper level of connection in my relationships with others and has given meaning to everything I do in my life.


I am grateful to have found purpose in serving others as they learn to find their own unique way of relating and become the best versions of themselves. This is the most rewarding and valuable thing I can offer the world.

Are you ready?

I understand all too well how easy it is to become complacent in life and just mindlessly go through the motions, appearing to have your shit together on the surface, but deep down, feeling lost, alone, scared and confused about who you are, what really matters and frustrated because you feel that conventional relationship structures just don’t work for you. Then comes the moment when you find yourself asking “How did I get here?” Right?

So, let me ask you…are you ready to take an honest look at what isn’t working for you? Are you willing to look at your limiting beliefs and the often paralyzing programming that may be holding you back? Are you willing to make healthy, sustainable and often uncomfortable changes? Are you tired of settling for less than what you want in relationships and in your life? Wouldn’t it feel great to be in a place where you’re actually excited about what lies ahead as well as who you’re connecting with? Are you ready to feel empowered and capable of navigating through whatever life throws your way?

As a Certified Relationship, Sexuality and Emotional Empowerment Coach, I specialize in helping others who desire a more expansive way of loving to find themselves, remove the fears that have kept them frozen and unconscious, master their emotions, step into conscious growth, vulnerable expression, and become skilled at healthy, effective communication in non-monogamous relationship dynamics.

If you are motivated to change direction and start creating the life and relationships YOU want the way YOU want, I invite you to book a complimentary 30-minute discovery call with me right now!

Let’s do this together.

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How I've Helped Others

“I highly recommend Greg Million”

I have had the pleasure of working with Greg Million as my Personal Development Coach. He is really supportive, compassionate and helped me build goals that are obtainable ensuring I am successful to what I am trying to achieve. My experience with Greg has greatly impacted the way I think and the things I set out to accomplish daily has improved. I highly recommend Greg Million as a coach and will definitely go back to him again when I’m needing direction. Thank you Greg!!

Amy S.

Amy S.

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