Greg Million
An Empowered Now Coach
Relationship, Sexuality and Emotional Empowerment Coaching

Nonviolent Communication in ENM/CNM

If you're anything like me then you weren't given the tools required to effectively communicate your feelings and your needs. In fact, I'd say that for some of us (mostly men) we've been taught to do the exact opposite. And that is to suppress and ignore our feelings...

Before You Triad, Try This

One of the most amazing things about consensual nonmonogamy is we can create relationships any way we like. One of the most popular relationship structures in CNM is a triad. While not always, these triads are often formed when a couple wants to "open up" their...

Jealousy. Good To See You Again, My Old Friend

Jealousy and I are old friends. We've known each other for most of my life, like ever since I can remember. We're familiar with each other on a deep, soul moving level. We've been close at times and then there were long stretches, years, where we wouldn't see each...

How I've Helped Others

“He is an active listener and an honest coach”

I am more empowered and have better control over my life thanks to all the coaching that Greg provided me. I was in a depressed state when I met Greg. I had a difficult time coping and managing my emotions but he supported me by providing a safe space for me to express myself. He is an active listener and an honest coach - a perfect combination to help me get back on my feet. I am now able to live my life in the most authentic way possible because of his guidance.



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