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I’m Not Enough…And That’s OK

One of the most effective tools I've learned in my journey both personally and as a professional relationship coach is reframing the idea that I am not enough. For most of my life I thought not being enough was a "bad" thing until I realized, through lots of therapy...

Getting Naked

Let's get naked for a minute and talk about something very close to my heart... I identify as a naked person and I enjoy engaging in what I like to call consensual exhibitionism. I use the label naked person because being a nudist doesn't sit right with me for many...

Sexual Currency

*******Trigger Warning...sexual abuse, sexual trauma and partial nudity******* I'm not ready to write all of this out. I'm going to anyway…. Sexual attention used to your only currency for you value. That's no longer the case.Leanne Million. Last night The above...

How I've Helped Others

“He’s wise beyond his years”

As a relationship counsellor Greg was a revelation to me. I subscribed to a package with him and it was an excellent investment in, well, myself. Greg is highly intuitive and repeatedly dug to the crux of issues with surgical precision. Moreover, Greg was able to nail aspects of my partner's behavior and accurately describe the nature of that behavior and its likely roots. Speaking with Greg was always beneficial and I felt he really took the time to think about my situation and come up with effective strategies and tools to help navigate the situation. He's wise beyond his years and I'd recommend him to anyone open to discovering more about themselves and how to be healthier in the context of any relationship.

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Bart G. Farkas
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