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The Perception of Perfection
Greg Million
Greg Million
November 5, 2020

We live in a society that places more value on the perception of perfection than on the reality of imperfection and this is eroding our ability to connect in meaningful and authentic ways.

This idea that everyone else is living their perfect life and you’re not is ridiculous but yet it’s the message that’s crammed down our throats daily. It’s in our IG feeds, it’s in the ads we’re subjected to every day, it’s in the expectations placed on us by our work environment, it’s in the relationships we think we want or need. It’s literally fucking everywhere we look! And yet, NO ONE is actually perfect but EVERY ONE is afraid to show up in an imperfect way. I know I sure as hell am!

This is a universal experience and it’s also a universal paradox because…wait for it…the only connections and relationships in our lives that are ever worth a damn are the ones where we’re willing to be seen as our imperfect and vulnerable selves.

There is no peace to be found in striving for perfection. Just be present and your authentic fucking self and let others do the same!! 

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