Greg Million
An Empowered Now Coach
Relationship, Sexuality and Emotional Empowerment Coaching

Helping you create loving and open-hearted consensually/ethically non-monogamous relationships

Non-Monogamous Relationship Coaching

Whether you’re just opening up or you’re experienced in poly, I can help you navigate the often challenging world of polyamorous, consensually non-monogamous and other unconventional relationship styles.

Emotional Empowerment

Struggling with jealousy? I endeavour to help you understand the purpose of your emotions and reframe them to feel more empowered in your relationships.

Struggling with Monogamy?

Get curious about the traditional monogamous expectations in your relationships, how you feel about the idea of the relationship escalator and whether or not they work for you.

Feelings of Not Being Enough

I can help you identify and understand the unhelpful stories that you’re telling yourself about your worth and how they impact your ability to relate effectively.

Who Is Coaching For?

Whether you’re brand new to the poly journey or you’ve been traveling through your entire life as a non-monogamous person, we all struggle at times. We can feel as if we’ve lost our way, that we’re “doing it wrong” or that we need to “get over our jealousy”. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re “bad” at Poly or you’re struggling with the social conditioning that says you “should be happy with one person” or that the feelings you have are “wrong”.

Regardless of where you are right now; please know you’re not alone.

Find Your Own Way!

We can all use some direction, support and guidance at times along the way. And I want to help.

What areas can I offer support and guidance in?

  1. Opening up your relationship from monogamy to non-monogamy in a loving, compassionate and sustainable way
  2. Cultivating deep connections with multiple partners
  3. Unconventional relationship structures
  4. Ongoing relationship coaching for individuals, couples and all forms of multi-partnered polycules
  5. Exploring alternative lifestyles such as swinging, kink, BDSM and nudism
  6. Gender identity and the gender spectrum
  7. LGBTQ2SIA+ support
  8. Relationship Autonomy and how it might benefit you

Coaching Packages

Plus GST/HST for Canadian clients
Note: all prices are in USD for clients outside of Canada

Individual Coaching Packages

No matter the area you want to work on, or how complex, we will find a package to suit you. Each session is an hour long.

$600 for 6 (save $150)
$800 for 8 (save $200)
$1000 for 10 (save $250)

Couples’/Group Coaching Packages

Purchasing a couples’ or group session package means we can toggle between group and individual sessions as needed while interweaving the work to achieve shared and personal goals.

$900 for 6 (save $150)
$1200 for 8 (save $200)
$1400 for 10 (save $350)

Single Sessions

If you don’t want to commit to a package, you can purchase each as a single session for either an individual or couple/group. Each time you book an appointment, you’ll be asked to pay a $25 non-refundable booking fee to hold the appointment (transferrable to a rebook if given 24 hours notice), and the balance will be due the day of the appointment.

$125/hr for an individual
$175/hr for couples or groups

About Me

I’m a voracious reader of anything related to sex, relationships and personal development. I’m also a member of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community who enjoys yoga, staying in shape, and sees vulnerability as a strength and a way to create meaningful releationships.

In my belief, ENM (ethical nonmonogamy) allows us to explore all sorts of connetions without the traditional societal standards and norms that apply to monogamy and that feels more expansive, loving and in alignment with my values.

How I’ve Helped Others

“Choosing love and releasing fear”

There is a collective movement towards oneness, non-dualism, and the authentic expression of our true selves. Greg is a voice in that movement, leading a dialogue to new frameworks and possibilities, choosing love and releasing fear.

Shari Derksen, MA

Shari Derksen, MA
Registered Psychologist